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Coaching and Consulting


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Wealth Management firms and professionals face unique challenges in today’s increasingly complex financial environment.  I am a business builder and results oriented financial services professional with 18 years of experience in the Wealth Management industry in Canada. 

After a successful career as an Investment Advisor.   I realized my true purpose was to help others grow and build their businesses. Once I started consulting within the Wealth Learning  space to help them achieve their strategic goals I knew I was hooked.

I have a proven track record in developing and growing a business and extensive experience in business development, relationship management, strategic planning and execution, team building and targeted marketing campaigns.  This experience has defined my success in this competitive marketplace.   
Consulting within the wealth learning space I have gained the additional knowledge of the real challenges firms face when developing training across their institution.  I have consulted on materials development, facilitation of new training and building and piloting of future roles.

I have sat across the table from clients and have lived through many ups and downs of the market this allows me to bring a unique perspective to the firms, teams and individuals I work with.

About Me

How I Can

Help You

Empowering Wealth Management firms and professionals to execute their goals and objectives through a proven comprehensive coaching and consulting process.



One-on-one coaching for Wealth Management professionals and their teams with a focus on: 

  • Business growth through increased efficiencies to drive revenue and AUM 

  • Discovering opportunities within your book  

  • Pricing and benchmarking 

  • High impact client conversation discussion 

  • Use of technology to scale business efficiencies 

  • Team dynamics and accountabilities 

  • Business transitions and contingencies

  • Best Practices across the industry 


Working with Wealth Management firms to help build out their learning and training programs with a focus on: 

  • Piloting and building out new initiatives 

  • Training and development of wealth management programs 

  • Facilitation of new and existing training 

  • Practice management - best practices 

  • Technology training (Charles River, Salesforce, other contact management systems) 

  • Development of training materials to be used by wealth management professionals 

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